Step 1 - Getting Started: Go to You will be met with a welcome message that provides the basic information you need. Please read this for important information before continuing.

Step 2 - Explore: Click “Explore” if you’d like to see IDEX before signing in.

Step 3a - Creating a New Wallet: Click “New Wallet” in the upper nav bar. Enter your wallet password. Note: They cannot recover your wallet file or password if lost, make sure you keep backups of this information!

Password screen for new private key/keystore creation.

Step 3b - Download your Keystore: Once you have input your password and created the wallet you will be able to download the keystore file. 

Make sure to have backups of this file or you risk losing your funds.

Step 3c - Save your Private Key: Click “Got it, Get my Private Key” to go to the page with your private key. Save this key somewhere safe and click “Return to Exchange.”

Step 4a - Unlocking Your Wallet: Click “Unlock Wallet” in the upper right corner of the nav bar and select “Keystore File” or “Private Key.”

Step 4b - Keystore Method: If f you selected to input your keystore you must click “Select Wallet File” and find the keystore file. Once you have done that you must input your password and click “Unlock.”

Step 4c: - Private key method: If you selected to input your private key you must paste in your private key and click "Unlock".

Step 5: Congratulations! You are now signed in to IDEX and can now deposit tokens. Once you have deposited your can start trading!