To make sure you get credit for sharing a game with your friend who downloads it, the game can do a simple and anonymous check. The Refereum anonymous and encrypted hash cannot access any of this personal information. The Refereum hash is the same anonymous and encrypted technique described in detail above, that only contains random letters and numbers.

So, if your friend’s game hash (of random letters and numbers) matches a UTM hash (those random letters and numbers), Refereum can credit your UTM link with a reward while everything remains anonymous. As players requested being able to claim rewards from the past involving their steam games, players may also choose to sign up and opt into decrypting this anonymous hash with their Steam credentials to claim rewards; Described in detail below.

After hearing and responding to player requests, you can also claim some rewards you were eligible for in the past. Game developers and Refereum rewards are often provided to a Refereum account or an email. If you want to claim your rewards, simply sign up for an account. When you create an account with Refereum, like any other service, you can review our terms of service and privacy policy upon signup. We’re proud to deploy best practices in data security and anti-phishing to protect you and your data. Any information you provide in account creation or when linking other accounts for more rewards is instantly encrypted in our databases (again, we’re proud our technology is as secure as most banks). For instance, you might have to sign into Steam or other 3rd party account services, which are also instantly encrypted. When you sign in with Steam, you can choose to decrypt the anonymous Refereum hash to confirm your account and claim potential past rewards. If you do not, the anonymous hash remains anonymous as described above.